Best brunch in Winchester

I love brunch. I think it’s my favourite meal of the day. Very millennial isn’t it, to eat avocado and take pictures of it but I’m definitely guilty of it.

brunch /brʌn(t)ʃ/
a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

It was hard to rank these and I’d recommend all of them, they all have their positives and you’d be unlucky to have a bad experience.


Be prepared to wait for a table. A winning endorsement though surely?

The menu at Josie’s can’t be beaten, it’s a perfect balance between thinking outside the box and traditional favourites, all presented beautifully and oh so Instagram worthy. Their pancakes are somewhat famous but my all time best dish has to be the fried chicken breakfast taco. Find out more here. There are outlets in Winchester, Bishops Waltham and the latest addition is in Petersfield. The best almond milk latte for miles monthly specials make this a place we go back to repeatedly.

The Dispensary Kitchen

This has become a firm favourite recently, with their vegetarian breakfast an absolute standout meal.

The menu is more limited that Josie’s but still has a great selection. Try the pastries too, the pain au chocolat are to die for. It overlooks the Cathedral in Winchester, one of my much loved spots and we were lucky enough to get a window seat on a recent trip.

The Ivy

Unsurprisingly a little more expensive than the others, but not certainly not unreasonable. I tried the vegetarian breakfast here too (I’m not by the way, just seemed like one of the best things on the menu) and it didn’t disappoint. The freshly brewed tea and coffee were lovely the toast piping hot when it arrived. Menu is here

Forte Kitchen

Forte Kitchen is tucked away on Parchment Street, along with some other great independent retailers. Owned and run by a couple called Naomi and Ollie (yes really) we tried the Oak Smoked Salmon, Slow Roast Plum Tomato, Spinach, Poached Eggs, Alresford Watercress & Sourdough Toast as well as the wild mushrooms on sourdough. Both were fresh and tasty but I did think a little overpriced. Menu’s here.

Cafe Monde

Last but not least is Cafe Monde, more traditional in its fare than the previous outlets, it offers a good variety of traditional breakfasts and eggs on toast. The most reasonable of the bunch too and some of the best scrambled eggs.

There are still a few places left for us to try in Winchester for brunch, I’m sure we’ll get round to them at some point, if there are any you love do let me know. Especially if I can take a picture…#doingitforthegram


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