Cooking course at Chewton Glen

We had the pleasure of attending an evening cooking course at Chewton Glen recently, learning how to make Goan Chicken Curry. They do a range of courses, from a full day of bread making or cooking with celebrity chefs to short courses you can fit in after work.

We’ve always both loved cooking, trying new recipes, perfecting old favourites and cooking for friends. Oh and trying to teach some of them how to cook (you know who you are). Widening the repertoire is never a bad thing and Chewton Glen is such a beautiful setting in which to learn.

The Kitchen at Chewton Glen boasts a dedicated cookery school at one end of the restaurant, perfectly set up with a demonstration bench for our chef Steve to show us all the steps, as well as your own kitchen area to work in. Pretending we were on Masterchef and trying to outdo each other, we both produced some really good food which we enjoyed at a long table back in the restaurant with the others on the course.

I can’t recommend the course enough, it was easy enough for those who can’t cook but interesting and challenging enough for those who can. We’re planning to do some more and I’m hoping we’ll add an overnight stay next time…

For more information on the cookery courses visit the website


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